MIDEM 2009

Stiggy Music & Management AB is a new indepedent Swedish Music Publisher and Management company

The company is owned and formed by Swedish Music Publisher, Stefan Egmar who after almost 30 years in the music business, beginning of 2002, decided to take a well deserved ”break” from all his professional obligations and then come back in a new costume, his own music company.

Stefan was at the time, since 13 years, Regional Director at EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia. Stefan was also a member of the board in both Swedish Performing Right society STIM and Swedish Music Publishers association SMFF as well as he was President of International Confederation of Music Publishers, ICMP.

During the 80-ties Stefan was Managing Director of SBK Songs Scandinavia AB and CBS Songs Scandinavia AB.

In the Board of Stiggy Music & Management AB you will find the lawyer Pontus Selderman who also is the legal adviser of the company. Pontus Selderman is, except for being a ”riks speleman” in Sweden well known for being the lawyer who together with Stefan Egmar (at the time MD of EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia) successfully handled the well known infringement case between the group Drängarna and Landslaget. This court case runned for 6 years and ended in highest court ”Högsta Domstol” where it obtained status ”precedent”.

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